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VSSL members have led large-scale evaluations of quality- and value-based payment and delivery programs, and their impact on patients. Examples of this work:

Program: Bundled payments (prominent payment model for improving the value of care)

Examples: Over the last 5 years, VSSL Director Dr. Joshua Liao and colleagues have been at the forefront of using advanced statistical methods to evaluate the impact of nationwide bundled payment programs.

As a part of this portfolio of work, Dr. Liao and colleagues recently used advanced econometric methods to evaluate the association between hospital co-participation in (i.e., simultaneous participation in both) joint replacement bundles and accountable care organizations. They found that compared to hospitals bundling joint replacement only, those co-participating in joint bundles and accountable care organizations had differential changes in 90-day unplanned readmissions and post-discharge care utilization patterns. 

From Liao JM, et al. Association of Bundled Payments for Joint Replacement Surgery and Patient Outcomes With Simultaneous Hospital Participation in Accountable Care Organizations. JAMA Network Open. 2019.