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Using Innovation Methods to Navigate COVID-19 Resurgence

Covid is far from over. Despite many changes since the beginning of the pandemic, health care providers may nonetheless face the need to use adaptive planning to navigate waves of viral resurgence over time.

In a recent paper published in the Journal of the American College of Radiology, VSSL's Dr. Joshua Liao argued that one way to do that is to use innovation concepts, which are designed to promote organizational agility amid uncertainty, to assess patient needs and steer care delivery as nimbly as possible in response to COVID-19. Dr. Liao discussed several innovation concepts (failing fast and forward) and strategies (vapor tests).

Notably, Dr. Liao cautioned that in this sense, innovation does not refer to fad -- the promise of fixing challenging health care problems with sleek technology or products, which are promising but can feel hollow or too facile on their own. Rather, Dr. Liao described innovation as discipline -- an approach that reflects a systematic process of using rapid experimentation to test and scale solutions.

Read the full paper here. Learn more about Dr. Liao's work and how VSSL conceives of innovation in its work.


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