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Announcing: The Decision Science Group

Dear VSSL friends and supporters,

We are happy to announce the launch of the Decision Science Group (DSG) -- a collaboration between the Lab & others at @UW aimed at using principles from decision sciences to improve the relationship between healthcare interventions & outcomes.

Why launch the DSG? In VSSL, we believe that human decisions and behaviors represent "final common pathways" for nearly all health care interventions. To achieve their potential to improve patient outcomes, interventions must be adopted by health care organizations, clinicians, and patients. In turn, how each group makes decisions will affect how health care interventions ultimately impact care.

We seek to be part of the solution through the DSG, using intersectional insight from decision-making sciences to strengthen the connection between health care interventions and patient outcomes. To do so, the Group seeks to bridge research, education, and implementation related to health care decision-making by fostering a community of individuals with shared interests in health care decisions and behaviors.


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