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How Organizations Can Use Care Management Codes to Bridge Health Care Volume & Value

The optimal approach for transitioning toward value-based payment and care remains unclear for many clinicians and health care organizations.

Although a common goal may be to successfully assume financial accountability under value-based payment models that emphasize quality and costs rather than volume of care, success in these reforms can require substantial infrastructure investments, clinician engagement, and the ability to absorb financial losses. Many clinicians and groups may need more incremental steps to practice transformation.

In a recent article, a team led by VSSL Fellow Dr. Catherine Hwang and anchored by Dr. Joshua Liao argued for using fee-for-service billing codes -- such as those for transitional care management (TCM) and chronic care management (CCM) -- as "bridges" that can help organizations build care management capabilities and effectively transition from volume- to value-based care.

Read the full article here. Learn more about related work at VSSL here.


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