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VSSL Portfolio

To achieve our mission, we focus our energy and expertise on doing only a few things: health care payment, care delivery, and behavior. Our portfolio of initiatives and work products seeks to reflect this emphasis. 



Decision Science Group 

Effective interventions depend on the behaviors of patients, clinicians, and organizations. The Decision Science Group seeks to use intersectional insight from decision-making sciences to strengthen the connection between health care interventions and patient outcomes. 

Vessel for Equity

Many systems innovations focus on quality and costs, but not equity. As a result, new initiatives risk creating or exacerbating healthcare disparities. The Lab seeks to be part of the solution, in part via Vessel for Equity, which reflects a body of work aimed at prioritizing equity in  payment, care delivery, and decision-making interventions.

Work Products


One way to improve health care systems and decisions is engaging, sharing ideas, and learning from other stakeholders work toward the same goals. VSSL team members have engaged such work as invited speakers or presenters on a range of topics with the Lab's focus areas. See a list of selected presentations here

General Publications

 VSSL seeks to disseminate information to the public and specific stakeholders (e.g., public policymakers, organizational leaders) in order to help drive change in the health care system. Those interested can find a selected list of Lab members' publications here

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Though imperfect, peer-review plays a critical role in the dissemination of rigorous, scholarly work for use by decision-makers and stakeholders.  VSSL team members strive to disseminate insights and analyses via peer-reviewed outlets. Those interested can find a selected list of Lab members' publications here

VSSL Volumes

As a complement to our portfolio of other work products, The Lab curates VSSL Volumes. a library of documents consisting of white papers, issue briefs, and other publications that are salient to Lab focus areas. Those interested can peruse Volumes publications here