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VSSL Partnerships

We are fortunate to work with a range of partners and collaborators to achieve the VSSL mission. Collaborations are designed to prioritize the needs of our partners.

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As such, some collaborations represent shared portfolios of work that VSSL and partners drive forward together, while other collaborations represent work that VSSL implements on behalf of partners. In the latter, work can either be driven by partners based on prior work or directed needs; driven by VSSL in order to achieve progress toward partners' broad, overarching goals; or driven by a combination of both.

Partner Spotlight

Cognition in Primary Care (CPC) is a program to facilitate detection of cognitive impairment and improve care for people with dementia. The aims of CPC are to (a) provide education for primary care to efficiently evaluate cognition, identify cognitive impairment, and improve patient care; (b) improve connections between patients, families, and community resources; and (c) develop clinic-based tools and workflows which are adapted from the GSA-KAER toolkit. VSSL is partnering with CPC to evaluate integration of a delivery model within health systems. Learn more about CPC.

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Partner Spotlight

VSSL is collaborating with the Washington State Health Care Authority (HCA) on a body of work that seeks to use evaluation and inform policy. The Lab and HCA participate together in the State-University Partnership Learning Network, which seeks to facilitate peer-to-peer learning and dialogue among state-university partnerships. 

Current evaluation projects include those focused on assessing telehealth use, and its role in health care payment and delivery in the state Medicaid program, in the Covid-19 era. 

The first portion of this work culminated in a report, "Paying for and Delivering Telehealth in the Covid Era: Early Groundwork in WA Medicaid", that was prepared by VSSL in collaboration with the HCA. Read the report here.


The second portion of this work involved empiric quantitative analyses of telehealth use amid COVID-19, with emphasis on understanding trends over time; factors associated with use and intensity of use; and equity implications. This work culminated in presentations to leadership of the Health Care Authority as well as members of the Washington State Telehealth Collaborative.

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VSSL engages partners at different stages in the project lifecycle, ranging from earlier-stage ideation and creation phases to later-stage implementation and evaluation phases. Prior and current partners include the following:

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VSSL Vaults

Through working with different stakeholders on policy analysis, program evaluation, and implementation strategy, we have found that decision-makers and teams often benefit from a foundational understanding of core concepts, principles, and strategies in value and systems-science related topics.

To fill these needs, we work closely with interested partners to create and customize a collection of resources  for use by their leaders and/or teams. While the content and format of resources in each of these "VSSL Vault" varies by specific partner needs, all center on a core set of value and systems science-based topics (e.g.,  payment and care delivery innovation; population health) and are geared for use in self- or guided learning by those serving in clinical, administrative, and policy roles.

Interested in learning more about creating a VSSL Vault for your team? Send the VSSL team a note via either the dedicated link here or the general comment form (accessible at the bottom of every page on the VSSL site). 

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