Few would argue that we can improve the ways we finance, deliver, and make decisions about health care. But with so many different ideas and options, which ones are best?

The Value & Systems Science Lab (VSSL) seeks to answer that question by translating ideas and data into impact. This philosophy poses two implications for our work and partnerships:

We will work on ideas and programs that are not ultimately beneficial. While all solutions sound promising when first proposed, some will fail. We do not view this as a disappointment or deficiency; but rather a necessary part of transparent, rigorous analysis and evaluation. We embrace this notion and believe that it's impossible to find the best solutions if we don't identify and separate them from others.

We will not be able to work on important topics beyond our mission and focus areas
We take our mission seriously and believe that focusing anything beyond them -- however worthy in their own right -- is not in the best in interest of our partners, collaborators, and funders, or the patients and populations we seek to help. We focus on doing a few things, and doing them well -- a perspective that guides how we prioritize partnerships and collaborations.