Few would argue that we need to improve how health care is financed and delivered. But with so many different options, which solutions are best? And in what setting for which stakeholders?

The Value & Systems Science Lab (VSSL) was created to answer these types of questions.


The Lab was founded on the notion that however promising, ideas and data are nothing if not transformed into insight and action. Said differently, we believe that this type of transformation is needed for value- and systems-based interventions to improve the health of patients and populations.

To achieve that mission, we focus on doing only a few things, and doing them well: analyzing and evaluating how health care payment, delivery, and decisions affect outcomes. This focus translates into several core activities: policy analysis, program evaluation, and implementation strategy. 

This orientation creates at least least two major implications for our work and partnerships with other health care stakeholders:

We will spend some of our time on ideas and programs that are not ultimately beneficial. We recognize that while all solutions sound promising when first proposed, many will fail. We do not view this as a disappointment or deficiency; but rather a necessary part of honest, rigorous analysis and evaluation. We embrace the notion that we will spend time on some ideas and programs that ultimately prove unfruitful. We cannot find the best solutions if we don't separate out the worst ones.

We will not be able to engage in promising topics that are beyond our mission and focus areas
We take our mission and focus areas seriously and believe that however worthy, anything beyond them is not in the best in interest of our target patients and populations, or our partners, collaborators, and funders. This perspective guides how we engage, or don't engage, in partnerships with other health care stakeholders

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