Across the nation, there is widespread recognition about the need to implement payment and care delivery changes that improve health care quality and address avoidable spending. However, these goals can be achieved through a number of different potential solutions, many of which are context-specific, involve different benefits and drawbacks, and can be implemented in multiple ways. These factors – along with the fact that evidence remains mixed, disappointing, or altogether lacking for many proposed solutions – underscore the need for insight about which ones are worth pursuing, and how to do so.

The Value & Systems Science Lab (VSSL) was created to address these issues. VSSL brings together content expertise in interrelated areas – policy, economics, population health, and care delivery redesign – and applies scholarship to generate payment and care delivery insights for policymakers, purchasers, and provider organizations. The Lab does so via three focus areas:

1. Policy Analysis

2. Program Evaluation

3. Implementation Strategy

Underlying these focus areas is a strong commitment to training & education, which allows not only to drive change, but train others to do the same. 


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