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Our team members are leaders in advancing frameworks and principles that can help stakeholders understand how to strategically implement solutions that improve quality or address spending. Examples of this work:

Care Standardization & Variation Reduction

Implementation Issue(s)Though care standardization is thought of as way to reduce unwarranted variation and improve care, its success depends on how it is implemented.

WorkDrs. Leah Marcotte and Joshua Liao have created a framework for how health care organizations can strategically implement and manage clinical pathways as care standardization initiatives.


From Chen CP, Marcotte LM, Herner K, Liao JM. Value-Based Management of Clinical Pathways: An Applied Framework. Journal of Clinical Pathways. 2019.

Care Management

Implementation Issue(s): There are multiple forms of care management, each with different emphases. Successful care management involves a framework for distinguishing between these forms and executing one the desire one(s).

Work: Drs. Leah Marcotte and Joshua Liao are creating a set of principles that can be used by stakeholders to define and implement care management activities to increase the benefit to patients.